Grace Constantine

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Grace tells stories using written word, performance, and visual art.

She was born in Los Angeles, an enrolled member of the Gila River Maricopa tribe.

Growing up as an urban Indian with one foot in the strange dreamland of Hollywood and the other in the magical desert of the American Southwest, she learned that just about anything is possible.

She has done a lot of unlikely things for a living like rescuing snakes, dancing in caves, and teaching people how to listen to plants.

Grace believes in true love and has diabolical plans to save the world with art that is simultaneously ridiculous and beautiful. She lives in a peculiar wet place called Portland, Oregon with her adorable husband.

Photos by Christopher Perez & Scott Belding

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"Grace is a mystical experience seasoned with a fine sprinkling of absurdity. It doesn't get any better than that!" ~ Pam Anderson

"Grace is that kind of Artist that has the undefinable "it" quality which is a combination of beauty, power, mysticism and a wealth of worldly experiences. She has the ability to weave you into her spell while surrounding you with love and captivating movement. She is a highly inventive designer and choreographer and has developed a very original movement style. As a Photographer that has been all over the world I can say that she is one of the most alluring and interesting people I have shot.“

~ Scott Belding

”Grace is the embodiment of narration through movement... her ability to portray emotions and ideas through dance is breathtaking, inspiring and always playful!” ~ Sushila Battagione

”I was lucky enough to be able to get a private workshop with Grace at her home studio "The Lair" and began my adventure into the creative process of story telling improvisation. Not only was this process incredibly helpful to my own improvisation abilities it added a new layer of understanding how to interact with the audience and with my own dance. There is a guided dance section where Grace unveils one of her amazing stories and it gives you a great perspective on how you interpret or express movements and helps you move through any nerves or doubts in this concept of improvisation. I highly recommend studying with Grace to any and every dancer who works or wants to dance more improv. She has truly perfected her art.” ~ Tabra Bay

 “Grace is an inspiration to me... she creates a powerful performance that can be many things: exotic, strange, beautiful, and humorous.  Grace has shown me how to dance beyond the set boundaries and create a story from my heart.  Grace is one of the most creative and wonderfully down to earth people I’ve ever met!” ~ Tenya  Spillman

“Grace Constantine does avant garde well, but she also is truly an entertainer with the ability to react to an audience and engage them. She isn't just presenting stuff on stage, she is presenting with an awareness of her audience.“ ~ Saqra

“Grace's artistry is mesmerizing. It draws from a fusion of many artistic dance styles that range from very dramatic to fun and mischievous. She performs with a playful openness you rarely see today." ~ Tatseena