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Grace teaches dance private lessons and small groups by appointment at The Lair, her comfortable private studio in southeast Portland, Oregon. Dedicated women and men of any level of dance experience are welcome. Grace draws out the very best in her students by helping them to explore the emotional range of music with both mind and body, providing fun and accessible methods for dancing with freedom of expression and authentic spontaneity. Encouraging a focus on form and musicality, she helps students develop a dance vocabulary that is natural and distinctive.

Grace does not teach formal choreography. She will teach you to dance extemporaneously, and become comfortable with interpreting music in the moment. Lessons with her include bellydance form and movement techniques, music interpretation, as well as yoga-based stretching and strengthening techniques. If desired, special subjects may be focused upon, such as a particular style of movement, or the use of props such as swords, veils, fans, candles, wings, finger cymbals, etc.

Dance education takes time, so be prepared to dedicate yourself for best results. Grace usually schedules lessons on weekday evenings, with regular appointment times for students that remain constant either weekly or monthly. Practicing at home is also essential, and supplementing your study with other group classes or workshops is encouraged to gain and retain a well-rounded perspective.

Genuine self-expression is the aim: telling one's own story through dance, in a way that is true to technique and communicates effectively with your audience. With this goal in mind, Grace will help you learn to unlock your imagination, and connect it with your body. Your dance is a journey of self-expression that comes from within. Create a new dance mythology and let music express its story through you.


Please see the Schedule page for upcoming event dates. Contact us if you would like to host a workshop in your area, and we’ll send a complete list of workshops offered. A few of Grace’s current subjects include:

Finding Your Path:

An introduction to belly dance, for we all must start somewhere

Healing Powers of Shamanic Belly Dance:

Using dance to heal and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit

Enter the Serpent:

Find your inner serpent by learning everything from articulation to reticulation

Story Belly:

Embrace storytelling & emotion in your dance

Angels Have No Memory:

Forget choreography.. learn the freedom of improvisation

Photo by Scott Belding

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To register for your private lessons, first contact us about schedule availability by clicking below:

Private Lessons with Grace

        ~ approximately 1 hour in length,

            classes held at The Lair in Portland

$50 per class for one or two students

$60 per class for private groups of three

Private Workshops with Grace

         ~ approximately 1.5 - 2 hours

             held at The Lair in Portland

$75 per workshop for up to three students